Editors and Staff


Menna Allah-Eldorry (Ministry of Antiquities, Egypt) – Area Editor, Natural Environment
Solange Ashby (Barnard College, USA) – Area Editor, Nubia
Anne Austin (University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA) – Area Editor, Individual and Society
Juan Carlos Moreno Garcia (Université Charles-de-Gaulle, France) – Area Editor, Economy
Wolfram Grajetzki (University College London, UK) – Area Editor, Time and History
Christine Johnston (Western Washington University, USA) – Area Editor, Natural Environment
Rune Nyord (Emory University, USA) – Area Editor, Egyptology
Tanja Pommerening (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, Germany) – Area Editor, Domains of Knowledge
Andréas Stauder (École Pratique des Hautes Études, Université Paris Sciences et Lettres) – Area Editor, Language
Willeke Wendrich (UCLA, USA) – Area Editor, Material Culture, Art and Architecture

John Baines (Oxford University, UK) – Senior Editorial Consultant

Editorial Staff

Gina Dubois – Copy Editor
Justine Gesell – Copy Editor
Hisham Hussein – Copy Editor, Arabic
Roz Salzman – Editorial Assistant

Mark-up assistant

Maryan Ragheb

Technical Staff

Lisa McAulay, Digital Librarian, Coordinator
Deidre Brin, Programmer
Shirley Tang, User Experience Researcher & Designer

Technical Development Staff

Dr. Zoe Borovsky – Development Coordinator, CDH/UDHIG/Library
Lisa Snyder – Virtual Reality Coordinator, IDRE
Yoh Kawano – GIS and time-map specialist
Jennifer Dillon – Web designer, IDRE
Shawn Higgins – Web designer, CDH

Academic Editorial Committee

The Academic Editorial Committee consists of leading scholars of Egyptology. Its tasks are to establish and maintain the overall concept of the encyclopedia.


Dorothea Arnold – Curator, Egyptian Dept., Metropolitan Museum of Art , NY
John Baines – Professor, Egyptology, Oxford University , Great Britain
Joris F. Borghouts – Professor, Egyptology, Leiden University , the Netherlands
Jacco Dieleman – Assistant Professor, Egyptology, NELC, UCLA
Elizabeth Frood – Lecturer in Egyptology, Oriental Institute, University of Oxford, Great Britain
Fayza Haikal – Professor, Egyptology, American University in Cairo , Egypt
Janet Johnson – Professor, Egyptology, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago Middle Egyptian Text Editions for Online Research ( METEOR ), and XML System for Textual and Archaeological Research (XSTAR )
Antonio Loprieno – Rector, Universität Basel, Switzerland
Stephan Seidlmayer – Professor, Egyptology, Free Berlin University , editor web-based Altägyptisches Wörterbuch
Willeke Wendrich – Professor, Egyptian Archaeology, NELC, UCLA
Jean Winand – Professor, Université de Liège
Alain Zivie – Director, CNRS Egyptology, Paris , France

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee gave advice in the initial stages of developing the UEE.


Colin Allen Associate editor Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Hans van den Berg Programmer Analyst, Annual Egyptological Bibliography
Zoe P. Borovsky Academic Services Manager, Center for Digital Humanities
Robert Englund Professor, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA, Director of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative
Diane Favro, School of Architecture and Urban Design, UCLA, Director of the Experiential Technologies Center
Eugene T. Horikawa Programmer Analyst, Center for Digital Humanities
Willem Hovestreydt Editor of the Annual Egyptological Bibliography
Pete Nielsen Coordinator, Server Development and Support, Academic Technology Services , UCLA
Janice Reiff Associate Professor, History, UCLA and co-editor Encyclopedia of Chicago
Margo Reveil Manager, Academic Technology Services, UCLA
Stephen Schwartz Computer Resource Manager, Library Information Systems
Edward N. Zalta Editor-in-chief, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Previous Staff of the UEE

Anne Austin – Editorial Assistant
Sonali Gupta-Agarwal – Editorial Assistant
Krystal Lords – Editorial Assistant
Kamelia Loukipoudis – Editorial Assistant
Adam Stojanik – Editorial Assistant
Elaine Sullivan – Coordinator, Karnak Virtual Reality Project
Elizabeth Waraksa – CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA Library, Copy Editor
Carrie Zarnoch – Editorial Assistant, Karnak Virtual Reality Project
Kandace Pansire – Editorial Assistant
Mohsen Kamel – Copy Editor, Arabic
Menna el-Dorry – Translator, Arabic
Stephen Davison, Digital Librarian, Coordinator
Christina Patterson, Lead programmer
Henry Chiong – Digital Library Programmer
Dave Shepard, Programmer
Amy Chan – Markup assistant
Evelyn Bonilla – Markup assistant
Angelic Gonzalez – Markup assistant
John Yung – Markup assistant
Katherine Zalog – Markup assistant

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